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Maybe…just maybe, we need to make the Hard Decisions

Recently, I logged on to my computer and there, in my inbox, was a current community update from Every Block, an online community blog service created to help neighbors connect in their respective community. Usually, it seems that my attention is always drawn to the crime statistics, as I’m baffled by the increasing frequency and severity of the acts committed. Like so many others, I ask myself what could be driving the rash of crimes. I know some would say the obvious, it’s gang related. But, to me, it goes deeper than that. Oh sure, we do indeed have a gang problem; however, gangs in Chicago are nothing new, and whether I receive the update on recent crimes in my inbox or hear of them on the local news station, I can’t help but wonder if the failure to make hard decisions as it relates to our life purpose could be part of the problem. Read More




Overcoming Your Past

Be Made Whole Workshop Flyer

How often have you thought that you’re the only one, who has gone through some traumatic experience? How often have you said to yourself and maybe others, “you have no idea what I’ve been through?” Well, I can safely say that adversity in any form can make you feel as if you are in a world all alone. The truth however is that you are not and no one is exempt from adversity, although the degree or type of adversity may be different, when it comes to experiencing adverse situations, no one is immune.

Whether the adversity in your past was caused by the actions of others or even yourself, there is good news. You can Overcome Your Past.

Time is running out! Join me On Saturday May 31st and begin the process!
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Grace and Peace

Just one percent of effort could change the course of your life!




Who’s in Control?

Take Control 2

Every morning, I wake up between 4:50 am and 5:10 am. I open my eyes, and then give God thanks for another day. I get out of bed, put on slippers and a robe and head to “our place” the place in my home where I spend time with the Lord. I pray, listen to uplifting music, read the word and talk to God. As I go throughout my day, I hear something or see something that reminds me of where I was before I came to this place of peace and I smile. I smile because I am so grateful that I was able to break free.

I share this with you, because there was a time when although my mornings began almost the same, (minus the time spent with God), they ended with me dragging myself home after a day of complaining about my job, to prepare dinner, eat, wash dishes, grab a cup of tea, watch television and then go to bed only to wake up and do the same thing over again. Every day was the same, filled with complaints and discouragement. One morning, after waking up in tears, I heard in my spirit, “Do you want to be made whole?” and likewise in my spirit, I immediately understood the implication of the statement. I wasn’t fully living the life I was meant to live. Read More