About Sylvia Duncan


Sylvia Duncan, Author, speaker and Wholeness life coach, is dedicated to helping people move past the effects of negative experiences, become Whole in every area of their life and begin to live with purpose on purpose! Her own adversities have equipped her to help others understand that whatever they have experienced does not negate God’s purpose and plan for their life. She is the founder of The Duncan Approach, a series of focused workshops and coaching programs designed to help participants design plans of hope for success.

Sylvia believes that what we’ve experienced is meant to be shared to help others realize their purpose in life. She knows what it feels like to endure adversity; she grew up in a home with four other siblings, in the Stateway Gardens housing project in Chicago, Illinois, witnessing the continual physical abuse of her mother and ultimately the shooting death of her father. Although the violence should have ended after the death of her dad, the reality was that the effects of the violence continued wreaking havoc in her family years after that tragic day– manifesting in low self-esteem, low self-confidence, in addition to continued violence, and eventually, the untimely deaths of other family members. In her home, the often used statement “what happens in this house, stays in this house” kept her trapped in a prison of what she refers to as ‘noisy silence’, because although it was never talked about, the effects and negative manifestations from the violence were always there, screaming loud and clear, hard to ignore and a constant reminder of what she experienced.

For years, the violence she witnessed had her under the belief that she was born to suffer.  One morning, she heard in her spirit, “Do you want to be made whole?” and at that moment, she knew that God had other plans for her life and He also has plans for the lives of others!  From that was born ‘Be Made Whole’ Workshops and Coaching programs. Sylvia’s mission is to help others move past their past and walk in their destiny.

Sylvia has successfully completed a Coach Training Intensive with the CaPP Institute and received coaching certification through CPEC Coaching program for IFC (International Coach Federation) Certification. She has completed training with the National Speakers Association’s NSA-IL Speaker Academy. She has received certification for 40 hours of domestic violence training with Family Rescue and was certified by the Professional Women’s Network in 2009 as a Diversity Trainer, with special emphasis on Women’s issues. She is a member of the National Association of Professional Women (NAPW) and a columnist in a neighborhood publication. She has appeared on Straight No Chaser an Intellectual Radio show with host Rai Rai Harris as well as The Let’s Stay Together Radio Show with hosts Rick and Brenda McCain.

 Women and men have been inspired by her new release, “The Journey Back to You” – A testimonial memoir through adversity, which has been featured two years in a row as one of the Salvation Army’s Ray & Joan Kroc Corp Community Center Summer Book Clubs must read.