Life Detox Coaching

Do you finish what you start?  Do you slink back when you’re in a group?  Do you esteem others greater than yourself in a “unhealthy” way?  Are you bitter about something from your past? ……Do you want to Be Made Whole©?

Adversity can alter the course of your life in subtle but prominent ways. And, if left undetected and unchecked, can wreak havoc in every area of your life. Life Detox Now© Coaching programs are a series of coaching programs created to help you identify the effects of adversity in your life, and create a plan to take the necessary steps to overcome those effects and become the person you were intended to be.  An encouraging outcome will require; action and commitment.

Adversity has a way of depleting us in multiple areas of our lives, taking its toll on our emotions, health, finances, and relationships. Through questions, reflection, and action, Life Detox Now© coaching programs will help you to explore and expand your options, reflect on your actions, and create accountability to help you move forward, creating success as you define it.

  • You will identify the effects of adversity in your life.
  • You will develop a plan to move past the adversity
  • You will enjoy a more fulfilling, happier life the four cornerstones of life
    • Relationships
    • Health
    • Finances
    • Spiritual

Formulated in 3-month programs

Life Detox Now© coaching will help you to:

  • Clear the clutter from your past
  • Live life happy and whole
  • But, remember……. you have to do the work!  So, if you’re ready to move past your past and discover the life God has for you…
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The Capp Institute Coaching and Positive Psychology