Book one of the signature motivational workshops created by inspirational speaker and life coach Sylvia Duncan.

Be Made Whole Workshops

Adversity has a way of depleting us in multiple areas of our lives, taking its toll on our emotions, health, finances, and relationships. Delivered in a group setting, Be Made Whole© workshops will help you to explore and expand your options for success and reflect on your actions from the past. In the group setting, Be Made Whole© workshop participants will hear the struggles and successes of other participants and gain hope for their own success. You will walk away with an action plan to wholeness in every area of their life; relational, spiritual, health, and financial.


Be Made Whole Workshops will help you to discover:

  • Who you are
  • How you think

You will:

  • Open yourself to possibilities, encourage you to
  • Let go of the past, and inspire you to
  • Expect the best. 

Workshop titles include:

  • Whole Thinking – Change Your thinking, change your life
  • Health in Wholeness – Healthy mind, body and spirit
  • Overcoming Your Past– move past what’s been holding you back
  • Living Success Your Way- How do you spell success? It’s your thing,
  • Empowering Wealth- Debt free living

“Will you be made whole?”

PWN Certified
National Association of Professional Women
Certified Personal and Executive Coach