Adversity can alter the course of your life in subtle but prominent ways, and if left undetected and unchecked, can wreak havoc in every area of your life. Life Detox Now Coaching programs will help you identify, and clear the clutter of the negative effects of adversity and create a more fulfilling, happy and whole life.  Each coaching package is designed to meet your specific needs and desires.

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Complimentary Coaching Session


Take the first steps by planning a free complimentary life coach session with inspirational speaker and life coach Sylvia Duncan.

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Why Are We The Best?

Atypical of the Worlds definition of success, The Duncan Approachis designed to encourage and inspire participants to clear the clutter of inner toxicity, pursue wholeness in every area of their life and live with purpose on purpose®! Creating success as they see it!

Too often, we allow what happened to us in our past to alter the course of our lives.  And, most times, it is those adverse situations that cause the most damage, keeping us stuck. Our mission is to help you take the power away from your past and begin the process of healing, freedom and Wholeness.
What we’ve experienced is meant to be shared to help others realize their dreams.
Equip Destiny Seeker with the tools and strategies to live happy and whole.

Coaching Packages


Coaching is not therapy. Therapy may focus on resolving the past, coaching will focus on moving you forward with new skills and confidence.

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Speaking Engagements

Remarkable Women's Conference-76

Known as the Detox Coach, Sylvia tailors each presentation to rid her audience of toxic thinking, toxic relationships and toxic speaking to successfully break free from the past and live life happy and whole.

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Signature Workshops


Book one of the signature motivational workshops created by inspirational speaker and life coach Sylvia Duncan.

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Life Detox Now Coaching helped me to discover past adversities that I wasn’t aware of and that held me back.  My eyes were opened to except the things I could not change and to work on the things I could change.  Now I’m healed and whole!  And, the detox tools I received helps me to continuing my journey of detoxing and moving forward with what God has for me.

Thank you Coach Sylvia!

– C. Blackman         

“I greatly appreciate how coaching with Sylvia has encouraged me to be more confident in my skills and abilities.  I learned how to take a stand for myself while still being professional. I will definitely recommend her services to friends and family.”

–  LaTasha Wells